Longueville, Anne-Geneviève de Bourbon-Condé, duchess de

   Born in Vincennes, Anne-Geneviève de Bourbon-Condé, duchess de Longueville was the sister of louis II de condé and of the prince de Conti. She married Henry ii, duke de Longueville, who had as his mistress the duchess de montbazon, who, in turn, provoked the death of Anne de Longueville's lover, a member of the Coligny family. Anne de Longueville then became actively involved, through her new paramour, François, duke de la Rochefoucauld, in the fronde, encouraging also her other lover, henry i, viscount de turenne, to join the rebellion. When the Fronde ended, Anne de Longueville retired to spend the rest of her life in prayer and meditation, at Port-Royal des Champs and the convent of the Faubourg Saint-Jacques.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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